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If ever you have a choice please do not even consider Humana. As a healthcare provider, I can tell you that Humana intentionally delays payment of claims, pays very little for the provided service, and threats their physicians and nurses as strictly "hired help".

Recently they hired one of the least respected medical oncologists as their Chief Medical Officer Roy Beveridge. As many people within the medical oncology community will attest, Beveridge was considered dishonest, concerned only with his own financial gains, caring very little for his patients when he actually cared for patients. Throughout his career he was always associated with those organizations (T squared, US Oncology, etc) that would maximize his own financial rewards. Realizing that there is very little to be made by caring for patients, he is now helping Humana figure out how to maximize their profits at the expense of patients and providers. He will only continue to maximize his own financial interests at the expense of good care. Please do not believe what you read in Humana's statement regarding his role - he most definitely does not speak for providers. When he left US Oncology for this position, physicians within US Oncology were most eager to see him go!

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