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I currently work for a physicans office and have to deal with Humana on a regular basis. If you call from a providers office you are transferred to an outsourced office located in the Phillipines. 90% of those people do not understand what I say or what they say. I am always misinformed and it has caused extreme delay in payments and resolutions to problems. I have mostly elderly patients who have a hard time understanding insurance anyway, just add a person who doesn't speak english and what do you get?

What tipped me off today is that I received a call from Humana asking why the patient had a bill. I had to relay that the patient was sent the check in error and until I recveive the explanation of benefits and/or the check, the patient was responsible for the payment. She politely asked me what my fax # was so she could send me the "EOB" and so I provided that to her and asked why I was unable to receive that information before. It was like I had asked the rudest question of my life. She paused after I asked the question a responded with "How am I supposed to know, I didn't speak with you last time." I was so upset that I ended up hanging up for both of our sakes. Then she faxed me a correspondence that was even what I needed.

Thank you Humana for showing me that customer service is the farthest thing from your mind. How do they plan on being the biggest and best health insurance company when you need customers?

Review about: Humana Health Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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