The person I talked to in the Humana office insisted that I give her personal information. I refused and she got angry with me. Then the agent called me at my home and insulted me, my doctor and the hospital I had gone to.

I only wanted to dis-enroll from their plan because I was told I would not have to pay the co-pays if I did not have Humana. In order to dis-enroll from their plan I have to send them a letter, but to enroll only took a second.

I intend to file against them to the State Attorney General for their handling of my Medicare Policy and the fact that I was insulted, told I had to give them information which is against the privacy act and that they did not provide the coverage that I was paying for.

Monetary Loss: $4800.

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I was told the cost was lower than what I was paying but it turn out to be higer alo I would have to change doctor ,not willing to do that

Kingman, Arizona, United States #1350797

it only took 1 second to enroll in humana,but now it's taking month's to disenroll ...i did't enroll in pdc,how dose this company get away with this....humana sent me a letter saying that i requested for them to deduct from my s.s.a. premium for this month????....

i will not pay for this ,cause i did't ask for it nor did' i sign up for this.....I think medicare and the gov. should look in to this,and the letters they send out.................


I Shannon Crawford can't afford The plan and I am on a other plans that I can afford and pays for my doc and Humana doseng

Leesburg, Florida, United States #1109126

My 100% disabled veteran husband has been trying to dis-enroll from Humana for 3 months and every hoop we have jumped through doesn't work. There are no participating physicians in our area and now he can't see a doctor, even though he needs to.

I would never advise anyone to sign up with Humana!

to Scooter2754 Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #1290455

Sue them, go to veterans or disability attorney in your area, go to your congressman, representative - they will advise the elderly attorney who works pro bono and who will help. Good luck

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