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Now I will tell you about Humana Gold HMO. There is nothing golden here except Humana’s coffers.

Elderly frail patients present to the ER with conditions like sepsis from urinary tract infections, pneumonias, cellulitis. Elderly frail patients present to the ER with exacerbated COPD, CHF, bilateral extensive pulmonary embolism. Humana Gold transfer these patients out of the ER to the SNF skilled nursing facility. These patients should ideally be initially monitored in the ICU, intermediate care or even a day in the medical floor.

The case managers from Humana would be calling 3-4x a day to make sure this happens.

There could be one registered nurse to 30 patients in the SNF. One certified nursing assistant to 12-20 patients in the SNF. Grandma/grandpa/mom/dad could be sitting in their own excrement or urine for hours before they get their delayed antibiotic infusion, nebulizer treatments, diuretics, etc. Since there is no cardiac monitor in the SNF they could even be long dead before someone noticed.

Oh yeah Humana the pioneer.

Of what? Criminal profit?

Product or Service Mentioned: Humana Gold Plus Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Humana Cons: Thieves.

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