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I'm retired and have Medicare health insurance. I signed up with Humana's "Medicare Advantage" program with the cost being around $79.00 a month.

I took the option of having the monthly charge automaticly deducted from my SSI benifits each month, instead of having to send the payments in myself. After six months, Humana informed me that they were unable to collect the $79.00 a month from SSI and that I owed them over $700.00 in back payments. I asked why did they wait six months to tell me, why didn't they tell me the first month they were unable to collect from SSI. I never got a straight answer, never understood why.

Also, after having cataract surgery, I later found out that they were not paying what they were supposed to on my claims, not even as much as Medicare alone would have paid.

I have not paid the $700.00 and I'm not going to. To *** with them, they try to screw me, I'll screw them right back.

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They did the same to me.


You should work for them. They try to use their Medicare customers like a vampire sucks blood.

They have no shame pressuring them to purchase their other insurance produts. However, Medicare allows them to do it.

It's a disgraceful company. Glad I left.:(

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