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On 11-08-2018 a lady insisted my parents to let her come into their own and talk about their “MEDICARE”. My mom said no sevearl times to her, but she kept insisting and being pushy, In which my parents both have bad health and did not undertand what she was even having them to sign. My dad has Dementia and Alzheimer’s, I have asked several times and called several times to Humana to stop calling and coming by my parents home, they do not need any other insurance ! My father is a vet and already has Medicare & Medicaid from the government and so does my mother.

They still sent someone out and mislead them to signing a contract that my mother did not know anything about ! My mother showed it to me the next day and said that the lady said she would get over the counter medcine $100.00 worth for free. My mother told her she did not need it, but the lady insisted that she sign the paper on some kind of trial deal on getting over the counter medcine paid for by discount. My mother showed it to me the next day. I told my mom to call the lady and tell her NO she does not want to sign up. that was on 11-09-2018. On this contract as you can see my mom did not know what she was doing, she put her birthday down as the date ! The lady told her that she would not put the paperwork through so she did not have to worry. when my mom called her and told her.

On 1-21-2019 the hospital called my mother stated that her medicare would not pay for her bill, because she has signed up for HUMANA !!! My daughter called Humana right after I got that call.

I AM going to file a lawsuit against the lady that came into my parents home and coursed my mother to sign up for something she had no idea what she was signing ! THIS IS TO BE CANCELED ASAP. In which she wasn’t even suppose to be inrolled in the first place ! I, Did not even know that I was signed up until the hospital contacted me today about not paying my bill.

Product or Service Mentioned: Humana Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: CANCEL AND NOT COME BACK.

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May I aske what happened in the end? my senior father is getting bills from humana and he never signed up for them. they said he signed up electronically but he doesn't even know how to use a computer.




How is Humana getting paid for the monthly premiums? You might want to find out and fix that, in addition best to start taking a closer look at monitoring your parents financial affairs.

The hospital called and said Medicare wouldn't pay because she had Humana? Doesn't sound right. Medicare is primary and any other insurance is secondary. Sounds like mom is confused.

You need to get a legal and medical power of attorney for both parents with you or some other relative on it so you can handle any and all of these problems which seems to be coming up in the future. And, of course make sure their assets are protected when they pass on, depending on what they have, eg., joint bank accounts with you, etc.


Yes got it "Resolved" thank you


File a restraining order against them arriving at the doorstep. Remember when dealing with them (in writing, served via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested) to not refer to it as you did in the post QUOTE : " my bill " ...

that bill is not yours, mom's, dad's or anything but a fictional creation of the offending seller. "The invoice #xxxx improperly sent" or "billing imposed against non existent account stated as XYZ123" Admit NOTHING.