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I would like to start by saying I am a physician and have a few insights to these issues. Humana is a nightmare.

I am on a medication long term,about 10 years. When I take the long acting formulation I am fine but as soon as I take the short acting multiple times daily I have severe gastrointestinal side effects. There are no substitutes for this medicine and I have tried many others without having the same stability of my condition. The problem is the generic short acting is approved costing $7/month and the long acting costs 425/ month. The drug is mandatory for my health condition.

As I recently changed to Humana I had the same problem that I had with other Medicare part d carriers. The first request for refills cost $425. I had no choice I had to take it so I paid out of pocket. This was about January 5. Thus I went through *** trying to get this drug moved from a tier 4 to a tier one. I hAd to coordinate appeal letters of my physicians and completing Humanas outrageous process. I literally spent days on the phone being shuffled from one number to another. I asked to talk to a nurse or physician to explain the issue. I was told there was no one to talk to and I need to have my physician send an appeal to the clinical review department. Eventually after more than 1month the long acting formulation was granted to be given and moved from tier 4 to tier one retroactive to January 1. This was at least finally granted.

Now came an even more difficult issue. Since I paid the $425 I tried to get reimbursed for this ( needless to say they were not going to compensate for the days I spent on this entire incident). I was told by the insurance salesman that he spoke to Humana that I was to go back to the pharmacy and request a refund. As would be expected the pharmacy told me to apply to the carrier. I have gone through more paperwork but never received a penny of what I spent so far.

The insurance agent told me he ran my medications through the Medicare software and Humana was the least expensive option. Now I have told the insurance salesman to relate my experience. Is it worth it to go through *** to have your necessary medication approved no less trying to get your rightful money back?

Under no circumstances would I ever recommend this company to any of my patients. And believe me I have a lot of patients with whom I give advice and recommendations.

Humana’s modus operand is to confuse and frustrate their insured clients. The more you are shifted around,put on hold or need to repeat the same thing over and over is their tactic to frustrate their clientele to accept their 4th class treatment of people. Their phone system is another issue all together. You are shifted around and continually give the same information over and over again.

A one star rating is too high for this for profit conglomerate. Their motto is Deny,Deny,Deny. You should consider Humana as a last resort and only if you are sadomasochist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Humana Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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To Hear this from a Doctor say's a lot I will head his warnings I just hope that I have canceled my Humana that they actually did cancel it and not just say they did. I was told they get $1400 a month for a Customer to stay with them and Medicare want to wash there hands of the customer they have so that Humana will deal with them. I am kind of disheartened by the whole thing, they really make it seem like you are just a big inconvenience to all Insurance company's