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They didn't notify me about cancelling a proactive benefit. Cannot get a real person on the phone.

Who are these *** people making bad decisions. Exercise prevents trips to the doctor and saves insurance companies money. Who hires these idiots?Then don't bother to tell the consumer just surprise us that is good business. Raise our rates - why do they hate us so much???????

Then tell us we are locked into them until a certain date - months away. What other industry gets away with this nonsense.

How do expect loyalty when you do business in this manner. Humana and its employees can go out of business they deserve it!

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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I agree. They can benefit from those that stay. I am out as soon as I can get out.


At the current time I am extremely disappointed in Humana. Here's why:

My gym called me today and informed me that my Silver Sneakers had been cancelled effective Feb 28 2013. I have been using my Silver Sneakers membership regularly. I called Humana and after being transferred several times, I was told that Silver Sneakers was still included in my benefits.

I then called Silver Sneakers to let them know. They said Humana would have to send them the information.

When I called Humana back to ask them to contact Silver Sneakers, I was told that I no longer had Silver Sneakers. I have been given opposite answers by different Humana representatives. I have had Silver Sneakers for several long as I have had Humana.

Today, I spoke to several people at Humana..being transferred time after time. I still do not have any answers. I am very upset about this.

to humana disappoints! #982872

They didn't to me too

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