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Before I started Humana HMO I talked with them about 2 hours, giving all my med list, and the fact that I was on O2 (24/7) and they said they had me covered.

I had to leave my existing doctors and Humana rep helped me to pick a primary Dr. that was taking new patients and was on their approved network provider list.

I then tried to make appointment and was told that Dr. was NOT accepting new patients.

Call Humana back and they said find another Dr. They gave me another one aned dhange my primary to him. Guess what, he could not see me for 3 months! I told Humana (which stands for non-human) that I had internal bleeding and my old Dr. had sent a referral to be seen ASAP. Humana said , sorry we can't acept that because your old Dr. not in nework. So, what to do, Bleed to death?

Finaly got them to let me see another Dr. who said I need transfusions.

Took 18 days before OKd.

Now I get a call from my oxygen supply company saying Humana refused to pay (not in their network).

I live in a small community and there are not other providers.

Told Human and they said, sorry you will have to find one.

With out o2 I will die., Sorry we know there are providers in your area. They sent me a 6 page of 149 companies in the network. But , as I expected there where none in my 30 mile radius, or even 100 mile radius. The list had that provide breast pumps, diabetic supplies and companies as far away as 3000 miles.

Called them up and they would not believe me. They said so to your primary Dr. and have him look list over.

That means waiting for 60 days. I will be dead by then.

Next talked to a nurse from Humana who found me a Dr. about 1 hour away and could see me. Just change him to your primary Dr. (AGAIN?)

Went to see him and after he looked over this list he just laughed. So, he called them and they said He would have to file a continuation of provider. He did and even wrote them a letter letting them know none on list has oxygen.

Today they called his office and said that the patient would have to file an appeal.

So, I called them and after telling 4 people my whole story and on the phone for over 2 hours, they said to have my Dr. ask them for a network exception. He should not have asked for the continuation of provided, (remember they are the ones that said to do this). Each person I have talked to has given a different answer. I am so sick I started crying , all because they don't understand or care that I need this O2 to live.

Anyone know what I can do.

upset, Marilyn

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First off, if you 'die' then that is your own fault. That is what emergency rooms are for. Second, what does your plan entail?

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