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I signed up with Humana this year because it is the only Medicare advantage plan being offered in my area. I set it up to have my premiums deducted from my social security check but, for some reason, received a coupon payment book from them.

I didn't think anything about it until I got a past due notice from Humana. Now this was strange to me because Social Security had already deducted the premium. when I called Humana I got absolutely no help at all. They insisted that I was NOT set up to have my premiums deducted from my Social Security and that I had to set this up again, and that it would not take effect until March, which meant they wanted payment for January and February.

I even spoke with a manager by the name of 'Buddy' who was no 'buddy' at all.

He kept insisting that they needed to receive payment from me, would not even try to contact Social Security to try and straighten things out. I already hate this company and I have only been with them for a month.

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Clute, Texas, United States #610445

They are truly the worst! I worked for that company and when i opened my mouth abouy things just flat out wrong...boom they fired me.

I know who buddy is he is a superviser.

This is how you get out of there contract so to say tell them you moved and use a buddies address heck it can even be next door, that makes you eligable to go with another insurance carrier. Good luck hope it helps.

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