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Due to humanas phone system I could not get thru to set up my new account for over a week. By then I was out of most of my prescriptions.

when I finally got thru and set up my account I did as I was asked and had my doctor fax all 90 day prescriptions to them, I was told I would receive my prescriptions in about 7 days. When they did not show up I called and again was put on extended hold. When someone finally answered they said they never got the 90 day prescriptions, I called my doctor and found they had been sent and confirmed they were received, I called humana back and again was on extended hold for some time. When they finally answered they told me that my account was not finished being set up and the prescriptions could not be attached to my account so they destroyed them.

with my doctor on vacation I cannot get new prescriptions sent in for at least a week or so. I am looking at at least a month with no medicine. My blood pressure has been 165 to 185 over 113 to 150 for about 2 weeks now.. They do offer pharmacy services but I have no money for gas or the copay so it does me no good..

At best I could get my prescriptions filled about February. I have talked to a lawyer and plan to sue if at all possible.

Since I will not be able to use this insurance due to their screw up I asked for 1 months refund and was denied. I could die because of this and believe humana should be held responsible for murder if it should happen.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Naples, Florida, United States #601555

Why are you faxing your scripts to your insurance company???? Take them to a pharmacy and let the techs submit the claim to Humana.

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