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After religiously paying premiums for 14 years often in advance, 98 yr old usually healthy mother had to admitted. She was septic, encephalopathic( brain got affected), very weak. First hospital admission in 14 years. her second ER visit in 14 years. Humana did not cover anything. NOTHING.

THEREFORE for the las 14 years that she had this HUMANA MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN- All Humana did was steal her medicare. Not even giving her anything. We did not complain about their medication copays. She did not visit the ER for a sneeze or a muscle cramp. At 98 she maintained her health.

So we immediately disenrolled. What di InHumana do? delay the disenrollment. Their apologetic phone people (apologize/talk is all they do. No action really). Therefore not only InHumana not cover my poor 98 yr old mom's admission- InHumana also hindered her from getting other better payor source. We could not get her on straight Medicare A&B plus Tricare for LIfe because it will take another 11-30 days before InHumana get their blood sucking tentacles off her medicare and we will be finally free from this company from ***

BTW - Humana PROFITTED 14 billion dollars 2018. What does this mean? They have sucked 14 billion dollars blood from their hard working elderly patient. They are proud to tell the world they stole and profited 14billion dollars from sick people WOW JUST WOW.

BRUCE BUZZARDS Broussard enjoy your riches, your success, your fame...Life on earth is short. Your forever place in *** is waiting.



Product or Service Mentioned: Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: disenroll me ASAP you can keep the rest of the money you stole..

Humana Pros: Better than any organized crime.

Humana Cons: Refusal to provide coverage, Scammers, Thieves.

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