Humana promotional materials to not make it clear what the working definition of "in-network" is.The materials indicate that your primary physican can refer to to any specialist in the Humana Provider directory.

My eye surgeon is in the Humana book. However my eye surgeon is not a member of the medical office that my PCP is. My PCP is with Dupage Medical Group, a group of over 300 doctors. My PCP and/or his business office refuses to give me a referral to any doctor outside of their DMG group.

I had known about these restrictions prior to signing up I would have choose a different provider.

Either a PPO plan with Humana or maybe Blue Cross. This is incomplete information. I had no way of determining this in advance.

Humana should be sanctioned by Medicare and pay penalties.They should be required work with all those impacted to make sure they can see the doctor of their choice.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1097127

I am having the same problem in Florida.When you select a Medicare Advantage Plan, you look at the provider network, coverage, and drug coverage.

It is outrageous that Humana advertises their provider network when in practice you can't access the providers.I think this requires a legal challenge, and I am going to consult an attorney.

Port Orange, Florida, United States #823441

I have been Humana Gold for several years.I have been very happy with the care my Husband and I got.

Of late our primary office has changed.

They have all new people and the Drs we were familiar with and

Was comfortable with have been replaced for one reason or another.

The new assistants and nurses do not have the same interest in the patience.

therefore, we are looking for another Dr with The Humana network. Is there a way we can get the names of primary Drs in the Daytona area?

I hope I can get someone's attention.I thank you kindly.


In general, Humana Gold HMO Plus in D-FW is working much better for me than for the person who wrote this comment; however, they still find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by screwing around with customers to save a few dollars.

After CVS & Humana screwed my medications up royally so I couldn't get a medication that I need to every day, I finally got senior agent straighten it out so I could finally get my medication. This agent told me that I could get the next refill for zero copay, which made me very happy customer.

When I tried to pick up the refill half a week later, I got a totally different story. First, another agent lied to me about the pharmacy promising a zero copay, which is obviously not true.

Then the manager told me that the copay for their medications was handed down on Mt. Sanai as the Eleventh Commandment =-((!

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