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The Humana Pharmacy require that I contact them every 3 months to approve the shipment of medication, even when they have a script from the doctor. I am 77 years old and I forget and in 2018 I did miss 3 months of medication.

This year, 2019, first they refused to send me one medication, I did complain and the medication was approved until 2021. We are as today June 21-2019 and I did not received this medication. They have a NETWORK that includes Doctors Groups. One Group called URO PARTNERS, the only one that Humana has with my insurance, refuse to let me see an Urologist.

I do not see an Urologist with Humana Insurance since January 2018 until today June 21-2019. Whit no other Group close to me I do not see an Urologist. I did call Humana Insurance and they send me an EMAIL with Doctors for 4 County but my County, LAKE, ILLINOIS, has only EURO PARTNERS GROUP which refuse to let me see an UROLOGIST. My body do not produce TESTOSTERONE and Humana insurance is not providing me to see an Urologist and Humana Pharmacy do not send me to right medication putting me in a greater danger of dying.

My primary care Physician is not responsible for this problem, HE SEND THE SCRIPT TO THE HUMANA PHARMACY and the request for an UROLOGY DOCTOR.

6-21-2019 I did speak with Debbie at URO PARTNER GROUP HEADQUATERS and I was told that DEBBIE is calling MICHELLE, DIRECTOR of the Group. So far I do not have received any response making my health in more danger. URO PARTNER Group is refusing me to see an Urologist because 4 years ago I saw an Urologist belonging to URO Partner group which is asking me to pay first $50 and now $74 for bills when I saw him. This bills are with a credit collector.

The problem is very simple: Humana has no doctors with any other Groups and Uro Partners is not willing to let me see any UROLOGIST of their Group. MONOPOLY ???


Product or Service Mentioned: Humana Gold Plus Health Insurance.

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