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My husband was under Humana dental insurance before he enrolled in Kaiser. Since Humana turned out to be a dud, we decided to cancel.

Since he's Medicare, he couldn't have two other insurances, so his enrollment was effective in Jan. 2019. We had called Humana in December to alert them that there would be a change Jan. 1st and that was to cancel the policy.

We had gotten a letter from Humana mid-January, that we were canceled as of the first of Jan. Today, we went to the bank for update on my husband's account and found out that Humana was still taking $38.98 -- including this month. The bank stated that we should call Humana and if there was any problem, for us to contact them. Then the next step would be their fraud department.

When I called Humana, they claimed that there wasn't any cancellations in their system. I told them that I had contacted them a month ahead of time to give them a heads up about needing to cancel. The rep stated that she could do a form to cancel for May, not January. Unfortunately, any mail correspondence, is probably gone by now, since things were to end in January.

I've heard a lot of complaints about this company, but it was way after we had gotten into it.

This should be opened to the media of their dishonesty and, literally, shut them down. I may not get 4 months money back, but they shouldn't be able to keep running w/ other's funds!

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