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I am searching for other seniors/ elderly folks that have been scammed by Humana. I am working with a senior right now who is getting scammed by them and I am looking for others who have gone through this. Thank you in advance for anyone willing to help!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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UniqueTibetan Mastiff431

I was lead to beleave that my Humana membership was all I needed for my ssi coverage. Now i'm told that they don't cover dentures in my and it will cost more to do so.

My plan is around $20.00, now six months later I need dental work on my dentures the add $59.99, month and $35.50 to start the $59.99 pain. One year I will have 50% of my dental work for my dentures.

But because I have Humana I get dental for teeth I don't have for free. I need a better way.