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Before having my doctor do a Pap Test and a Mammogram I contacted Humana to make sure there won't be a problem with them paying for these services. Of course I was told they were covered benefits and of course they denied payment and I was stuck with the $750 bill.

Later my doctor ordered a CT scan of my kidneys. Again I was told by Humana this was covered and I was only responsible for my $150 co-pay. I am now faced with a bill for $1,700 since they denied payment for this also. Thank God this was my first year in an advantage plan so I was able to cancel Humana and go back to original Medicare and my former Gap and Part D plan.

Now I can sleep nights and my blood pressure is back to normal. Stay far away from this Insurance!!

Monetary Loss: $2450.

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And I thought under obama care all preventive care is supposed to be free.Dumb me for thinking Humana would follow the law.

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