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I have the Human Choice Regional PPO (RO865-003) plan, including dental and vision.A bunch of BS.

Wanting to get my teeth cleaned and needing new glasses after 2 years. Decided to look for dentist, none took the dental that comes with my plan, so I enroll in the Enhanced dental plan they have, at an extra $22 a month. After calling dentists to schedule a appointment, NO dentist accepts HUMANA medicare PERIOD! Cancelled my enrollment.

Now I have to purchase it through VSP or another company. OH, but wait, they will accept free loading people on medicaid. LIVID to no end. As far as vision.

They will only pay up to $150 for frames and lenses.

I'm pretty conservative, found the cheapest $69 frames.A wopping total of $440, my lenses are so thick now, sad my sister bought them for me.


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