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I called Humana to see if my Dr. was in the Providers list & they told me they couldn't find the Dr.

on any of their plans. They said I couldn't change insurance Company's until after Oct 15th I was furious as I had went to this Dr. (He's the only Dr. within 150 miles that can fill my Pain Pump.

I told them that and they said it didn't Matter. When I signed up with them I talked to several different Sales people & Agents, and they all told me my Dr. was in the network. I had them Double Check and they assured me He was in the Network.

So I called Medicare & they said because of the situation & filing a complaint that I could go back to Blue Cross Medicare Advantage. It would start on Nov. 1st I did not have to wait for it to start on Jan1st, 2020. I would advise anyone to not go with Humana, they lie to get you in & tell you what you want to hear.

Just to sign you up. I don't know what to tell you other people that are considering Humana DON'T. They are Crooked & Deceitful. I talked to a Dani Marcus, a Ashley Smith, and a Patricia McKinley.

They all told me my Dr. was in the Network. Or I never would have signed up with Humana. I also talked to Select Quote.

I'm signed up with Blue Cross again, and I would never go back to Humana. They Just tell you what you want to hear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Humana Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Humana Cons: Incorrect marketing information.

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