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Humana seems to be run by Dumb and Dumber...My insurance was cancelled in error...

and they supposedly corrected the error. Certainly not with all departments within their system. My primary physician was unable to set up an appointment for me to get an MRI as I have a torn Achilles Tenon. I have spent more than 2 hours on the phone trying to resolve the error made by Humana.

I was a Licensed Insurance Producer (Agent) in Nevada before retiring. I will now contact the Nevada Department of Insurance in hopes of resolving the problem with Humana.

Humana customer service and staff don't seem to care about solving problems.Incompetents runs rapid with Humana.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #797027

I have my coverage canceled to also filed a complaint with Nevada Department of Insurance and found out five months later it was also in error it seems like a common practice I ended up in the ER the company seems to operate in bad faith I have also filed Medicare complaints and I don't get a resolution within the 30 days required I have filed Board of Directors complaints and get no resolutions


You would not believe all the problems i have had with them.Just wait till they pay your claim it is only the beginning.I had the flu real bad in nov.I went to urgent care and they told me to go straight to the hospital.So i went to a hospital on their list of preferred providers.They paid the bill.Now i get a letter from them stating this is not a hospital.Now let me tell you this is a very well known hospital and was where they told me to go.Also a few years back they suspended my insurance for 11 months because i took my child who is on my plan to the doctor,one on their list i might add.They said this doctor who was on their list is not a doctor.I had to pay humana the bill which was over 100 dollars and spend almost a year trying to straighten out their mess and on top of that keep paying the premiums every week out of my check.Now we never go to the doctor unless its life or death.

I never seen a company so unintelligent.Just save every stack of papers you get every bill and be prepared to send hundreds of copies to them and thousands of hours on the phone.Good Luck you will need it dealing with them.

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