On 12.17.12 I paid $37.99 for Erythrocin Stearate 250mg 30 tabs under Humana Walmart Preferred Plan at Rite Aid Pharmacy.On 1.18.13, I had to refill the prescription and was charged by the same Pharmacy $75.11.

The pharmacist called Humana and was told Humana increased the cost for the drug for the Walmart Preferred Plan. I called Humana 3 times and was on hold for 65 minutes. Customer service is a disaster and I was disconnected twice. There is no fax number or email to contact Humana, only a telephone number that is insufficient to handle the complaints.

I finally got a supervisor, Seth, who said Humana increased the out of pocket payment to me because the drug increased BUT HE COULD NOT PROVIDE ANY no documentation of the increase. I was told now I must pay more for drugs than before as Humana does not provide the discounts as before. Humana is deceptive and does not disclose the increases in out of pocket expenses to the consumer. I would not have renewed for 2013 If I knew Humana would not give a discount on drugs and now I have a huge increase in out of pocket expenses.

This issue is about Humana’s refusal to honor the discounted drug prices as before.I would never have renewed this drug plan if Humana disclosed its new pricing policy that I never was informed of.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I can no longer go to WalMart because it is 20 miles from my home, my doctor is in another city.I live in middle of nowhere.

Why can't I fill my prescriptions where I want to?Humana also increases co-pay when ever they feel like it and have no reason for it.

Billings, Montana, United States #626474

it is beyond me how humana stays in business. you should see how they treat the seniors. i am still fighting.

good luck

Naples, Florida, United States #601531

January 1st your insurance fiscal year changed.What you paid in 2012 is no longer valid.

Drug prices fluctuate by the manufacturer and no pharmacy can control the price. Some will eat the cost of some to give you a break so that you will fill your more expensive ones there. But no pharmacy can afford to give away all their meds.

Many price changes have come down in the pharmacy and OTC department so far this year.

Inflation sucks, and everyone feels it.If you had any other insurance you would feel the same increase, maybe not this particular drug, but on others.

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