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I submitted a top-notch resume for a customer service position, was contacted by a recruiter, completed the assessment and had interview 6.22.2019, Humana 101 E. Main Street, Louisville Kentucky.

Two other very young women interviewed with me. Within one hour after I left the interview, I received an email from a recruiter that I was no longer a candidate for the position. A position I was very much qualified for. I was selected for the position due to my skills and educational background.

On paper, I was qualified for the position.

The interviewer made reference toward my age after the interview was over, I believe I was discriminated against due to my age. I would like a written explanation as to why I was not selected for the position, the real reason.

I would like from Humana, a copy of Humana policy on age discrimination. Thank You, Yvonne Hemlick

Reason of review: Age discrimination.

Preferred solution: Copy of Humana age relation discrimination policy.

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If you truly think you are being discriminated against due to age, then file a civil rights complaint against Humana with your state civil rights commission. They can be found on your state's main webpage.

You may even be able to do it online---I know not and would, of course never dream of complaining about not getting some job. I don't feel offended that some employer doesn't hold as high opinion of me that I do. An employer hires or doesn't. Simple.

Either you get the job or you don't. It's their company, after all.

Not yours. I am sure that with your excellent qualifications you will find a very high-paying job somewhere.