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My wife and I had Humana Part D insurance. With two terminal illnesses, one expects full support from a heath insurance company. Last year, every two months we received notices of changing coverage, replacing medicines against doctors advices, and changing them from liquid form to solid. However, Humana changed coverage for 5 drugs in one year, cancelling them, and two drugs in liquid form (swallowing issue) changed to solid pills. What an... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 02
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Representative was very rude when asked how to disenroll from Humana. For me their co-payments are too high.

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My wife has claims dating back to October of 2015 that Humana is unable to process correctly. Been on the phone for them for hours. Humana is processing her as she "could have Medicare" while she is on my private policy. I have sent letter after letter and I was just cut off after being transferred to 7 different department. What shame is this. The line was so bad when I was transferred the last time, so the agent took my number down and was... Read more

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We have had a great deal of problems getting the correct prescription, on time, and with correct dosage. I tried signing into the account to help mitigate the confusion between Doctors and Humana. Only to find out that I had to agree to modifications of the contract, about 3 pages. Effectively I waived any right I had in the contract and gave them the ability to further change the contract unilaterally. Which means I don't have a contract if... Read more

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My son age 28 had Humana Health Insurance canceled the month prior to his second STEM Cell Transplant for Lymphoma. He had a fraud alert on his credit card and the bank put a hold and isssued a new card which he promply entered on the Human sit for auto pay of the preminum. Humana claimed that one auto pay was rejected and they canceled his insurance and would not reinstate. Insurance was always paid using auto pay and even though the new card... Read more

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  • Nov 29
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Humanas rep gave me false information. She said the clinic i go to which is Sansum Clinic was covered by humana. After 4 doctor visits and a bill for $1,007 humana tells me my clinic is not covered by them and they are refusing to make good on the bill.

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I called, arranged for an agent to meet with me - the person never showed up and didn't call. I called the person who was supposed to set it up - had to leave a message. He did call back one time while I was away from my desk. I called him again - haven't heard anything since. If you have to work that hard as a potential subscriber, can you imagine signing up for it and then trying to find someone to talk to if something goes wrong or there... Read more

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Stay away!! Stay far far away! Everything they advertise is a lie. Just look up all of the investigations and fines against them. We have had the same experience. They made it sound as though we would save a lot of money, but we had copays and expenses that were much greater than they were when we switched back to Medicare with a Supplement. They made it sound like we would get a lot of time with the PCP for "preventetive care." We got... Read more

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Due to Humana having my birthdate incorrectly entered it prevented me from getting my prescription filled on a Saturday morning. Calls from the pharmacist to Humana couldn't help the error and they were disallowed from discovering the specific problem and correcting and that only I could correct. Funny thing, Humana has no customer support on the weekends so I decided to pay full price for the medication that I needed. This is clearly VERY... Read more

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Humana should be reported for fraud. They employ people who are beyond rude & come off as seriously incompetent. Under their list of covered service's not only do you have to get the referral but in some cases they also require prior authorisation. Once all of this is approved by Humana they still do not pay the bill for the service. The PCP center's they have are equally incompetent & indifferent to basic medical needs. They don't answer the... Read more

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