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I applied for dental insurance and then canceled the same day I applied, and they're suppose to e-mail to let me know if it was process/approved before charging my card. They didn't and they charge me for an application fee after I cancelled!

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On Aug.1,2016 I sent a fax to Humana dental for "Pretreatment Estimate i received from DR.Edward Mucha (In Net work DR.)mailed. They said they never received. I sent the On Aug.15, and also mailed hard copy to Nadian. When I called On AUG.24, 2016 they said they have received. I talked to stafney and sent her fax 270-936-7300 and requested her to call me as soon as she received it. She confirmed they she received my fax and promised me to... Read more

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  • Sep 15
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They have been withdrawal my eye coverage pretty good except for today. It takes to dang long to get threw to some body because of there automated machine to but vision coverage has been good.

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  • Sep 13
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Humana change my vision provider and now I can't get a critical follow up appointment. May lose site in one eye. Spent 1.5 hrs on phone and got no help.

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Short and sweet...I have had the same plan for 10 years. I've never had a late payment, I've never changed my coverage, and I have rarely used it as my deductible was only met 2 times in 10 years. When I turned 50 years old, I had to get several tests, colonoscopy and biopsy [which was benign], done that were recommended for optimal health. At 53, I had an ER visit which resulted in a hysterectomy. I received a letter stating that my plan was... Read more

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After contacting the very effective US Senator from Virginia, Mark Warner, Humana corrected their errors. I also contacted the Virginia Senator and now Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kane. Mr. Kane was totally ineffective and said he could not get involved and he could not do anything. Mr. Warner, on the other hand, immediately contacted Humana Insurance and was the cause of very effective result to an important problem. The only question I... Read more

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Went to the Humana customer assistance on Western Avenue today 8/23/2016. The only person there was a rather frosty and unsympathetic receptionist who informed me their only customer assistance representative was in training all week and there was no one to assist me. She then pointed to a cubicle where there was a "virtual assistant" to help me. I was nonplussed by the emptiness of the place as it was once full of helpful, sympathetic... Read more

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In 2014 I informed Humana that my mother was going into the nursing home. Still, to this day(2016), they call and send tons of mail. The mail is for their "programs" (pharmacy, publications). What part of Nursing Home do they not get? It's bad enough I had to put her in there, my health gave me no other choice. The constant calls are like knives plunged into my heart over & over and a reminder I failed my mother. At this point I will never have... Read more

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I am 85 yrs old. My daughter is writing this complaint for me. I have been on hold for 1 .5 hrs and have been transferred 5 times for prescription coverage for my eye drops for Glaucoma. I plan to travel overseas and needed my eye drops. Humana has bad customer service. They cannot even give out the right phone number to call. You have to go through thesame cycle over and over again. They ask for Humana ID, then date of birth, zip code and then... Read more

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This has got to be the worst insurance company out there! I say this as a physician who has dealt with most, if not all, insurance companies out there. They are nothing short of obstructionist to patient care. Not only will they not approve the care your patients need, they will lazily drag their feet for just hours short of an eternity to do absolutely nothing. If you are a patient looking for insurance coverage, run as fast as you can away... Read more

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