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Humana kicked my mom out of the hospital too soon after she broke her hip. She self paid for 2 weeks until she was actually ready to go home. After the hip healed she had other health issues cause her complications and ended up back in the hospital. The drs says she needs to go to a skilled nursing home. Humana approved her to go there. After she got to the nursing home, the next day the nursing home told us Humana has refused to pay. All the... Read more

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This is the worst health insurance company that I have ever dealt with.I require continuous care and see a doctor every month. The doctor I was seeing cancelled my appointment with 10 days notice because he was no longer contracted with the Humana Medicare advantage plan I have. The Humana representative I spoke with told me that they tried to reach me by phone but did not leave a message to notify me of the change. I was unable to get an... Read more

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Just tried to refill my script for Welchol...3 months ago it was $126 for a three month supply. Today is was $124 for a 30 day supply. The pharmacy said to call our insurance provider...How can Humana change the rates in the middle of the year when we cannot change our coverage in the middle of the year when they start messing with our co-pay amounts. Something has to be done with this company with their shoddy business practices. Lesson... Read more

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All I have to say about Humana is that it sucks big TIME I don't know how they get away with it my medicine cost me 3 times more than Coventry I made a mistake when I switched to Humana this year I should have stayed where I was if you go to the doctor you get like 3 or bills I said what the.... this does not make any sense I can't wait to return to Coventry they can't touch that...... They wanted to charge me 67.00 for a script to put in my... Read more

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Horrible,, horrible ,just horrible... I don't know how, there isn't a class action lawsuit against these ***, scam artists!!, lying deceiving, ***, are what they are.., not only won't they pay their share,, but they'll actually bill you double just cause, they think they deserve it...... these back alley insurance hacks deserve a foot in they ***!!,, They lied about the policy, they were charging me for vision, when i never agreed to it,... Read more

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  • Humana
  • May 05
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Humans week not prices a prior authorization for a perscription. Every phone call gives me a different reason why. They occasionally blame the doctors office for not submitting the info. No two humana agents give the same answers. Add comment

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  • Humana
  • May 02
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Poor customer service, denys all claims at first pass. Had to submit my mothers claims multiple times to get them covered. Basically a way for them to scam seniors. Add comment

2 hours on the phone. 8 emails. 10 customer service agents. No answer. No calls back when promised. Incompetence at every level. Last week on Friday, April 15th I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Humana. I was promised a phone call back with an answer on my issue and never received one. I was promised a call back that day. I am very frustrated. This is the issue: Last week on Thursday I received a check in the mail for $60.36 written to... Read more

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I had Humana for prescription insurance and when I found out the penalty you pay continues as long as you have insurance and increases each year, I disenrolled and wrote my letter to them stating I would not pay any longer. They completely ignored the letter and 3 months later said I was terminated for not paying and had better pay or it would go to a collection agency. I called customer service and stated what happened and they lied. Their... Read more

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The agent and sales rep,never told me about the hidden charges on the advantage gold plus plan,as i signed and order my insulin,i was told i have to pay $ 360.upfront deductible fee,without any reason,they put hold and halted my all medications,i am retired and did not have any savings to pay that big amount,and have to borrow to pay,this senseless Humana is acting very inhuman way to deal old retirees and charging too much for all... Read more

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